Is chicken flu over in Delhi?

Is bird flu finished in Delhi?

All of the seven samples have returned positive for bird flu, officials confirmed on Tuesday. … On January 14, the Delhi government had ordered that the Ghazipur poultry market be reopened after samples collected from the area had tested positive for bird flu.

Is chicken still banned in Delhi?

NEW DELHI: The Delhi government and the city’s municipal corporations Thursday withdrew bans on the purchase, storage and sale of chicken and eggs in the capital that had caused chaos among traders and restaurant owners.

Is bird flu finished?

No cases of bird flu in Karnataka; tests negative, says State Health Minister K Sudhakar. The minister also said that COVID-19 vaccines are expected to arrive in the state soon and would be administered as per the instructions or guidelines that will be issued by the Centre.

Is bird flu free in Delhi?

Bird flu has been confirmed in crow samples from Jamia Hamdard University, Delhi, the ministry of fisheries, animal husbandry and dairying mentioned on Sunday.

Do eggs spread bird flu?

The regulator also said the World Health Organization has stated it is safe to eat poultry meat and eggs and that there is no epidemiological data to suggest the disease can be transmitted to humans through cooked food.

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Is mutton safe during bird flu?

In restaurants and hotels, hardly anyone orders chicken, instead people prefer fish and mutton due to scare of bird flu. There might be a few cases but if you eat properly cooked chicken, it will cause no harm,” said the shopkeeper.

Are eggs ban in Delhi?

Ravinder Sharma, veterinary director of South Delhi Municipal Corporation, confirmed that sale and purchase of poultry products, including eggs, have been banned in the city. “In the interest of public health and safety, vigilance has been increased in our area,” said East Delhi Municipal Corporation mayor Nirmal Jain.

Can I eat chicken during bird flu?

Is it safe to eat poultry and poultry products? Poultry and poultry products can be prepared and consumed as usual, with no fear of acquiring infection with the avian flu virus. One should continue to follow good hygienic and cooking practices. The virus is destroyed at a temperature of 70o C for 30 minutes.

Is chicken have bird flu?

Outbreak of bird flu or avian influenza virus has been confirmed in ‘poultry birds‘ in six states — Kerala, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Punjab.

How long will bird flu restrictions last?

“The Avian Influenza Prevention Zone (AIPZ) requiring enhanced biosecurity will remain in force but Wednesday March 31 will be the last day poultry and other captive birds will need to be housed (housing restrictions end 23.59 31 March 2021).

Is there bird flu in Haryana?

Haryana State is free from Bird Flu. However, keeping in view the spreading of the disease very fast across the world, adequate measures have been initiated.

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