Question: Where is the holiest city in India?

Varanasi is the holiest of all and it is favorite to lord Shiva, thus it is often referred as City of Lord Shiva. In Hinduism, one should visit the major temples in Varanasi in his/her life.

What are the 7 holy cities of India?

The Hindu religion recognizes seven Holy Cities commonly known as the Sapta Puri. The cities are Ayodhya, Mathura, Haridwar, Varanasi, Kanchipuram, Dvaraka and Ujjain.

Why is Varanasi the holiest city?

In recent years the Ganges River has drawn attention for its ungodly level of pollution. … Nearly 2.5 million of them come each year to Varanasi, this holiest of cities, on the banks of the most sacred of Indian rivers. According to Hindu legend, Lord Shiva unleashed the Ganges from the knot of his hair.

Which city is called as sacred city ‘?

For example, the city and environs of Varanasi, especially circumscribed by the Panchakroshi Marg (a sacred path) are deemed as sacred, although there are numerous especially holy spots and areas in the city and along the Ganges ghats. Rana P.B.

Which is the holiest city in the world?

St Peter’s Square, Vatican City. Hagia Sophia, Istanbul.


City Country Religion(s)
Vatican City Vatican City Christianity
Walsingham England Christianity
Warsaw Poland Christianity
Leeds England Christianity
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Which is the most sacred Hindu temple?


  • Varanasi known as Kashi is one of the holiest pilgrimage sites.
  • Kodlamane Shree Vishnumurthy Temple.
  • Tirupati temple.
  • Katas Raj Temples are said to date from the times of the Mahabharata.
  • A view of Pashupatinath Temple.
  • Lake Manasarovar.
  • Angkor Wat.
  • Batu Caves.

Which is the longest river in India?

At over three thousand kilometers long, the Indus is the longest river of India. It originates in Tibet from Lake Mansarovar before flowing through the regions of Ladakh and Punjab, joining the Arabian Sea at Pakistan’s Karachi port.

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