Question: Which is the smallest butterfly in India?

Hesperiidae Skippers 99 genera; 321 species

Which is the beautiful butterfly in India?

Red Pierrot is the most beautiful small butterfly found in the Indian subcontinent, on evergreen patches, hill stations and forest.

Which is the butterfly of India?

The Orange Oakleaf butterfly, also called the Dead Leaf butterfly due to its shape of a fallen dead leaf when its wings are closed, is a dazzling orange-and-black with a deep blue base. The brightly-coloured Indian Jezebel has an eye-popping visage.

Which is the biggest butterfly in India?

Troides minos, the southern birdwing, also called Sahyadri Birdwing, is a large and striking swallowtail butterfly endemic to south India. With a wingspan of 140–190 mm, it is the second largest butterfly of India.

Troides minos.

Southern birdwing
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Lepidoptera
Family: Papilionidae

Where we can see butterfly?

Butterflies and moths are found during the warmer months of the year in many different environments. In most places, May to August are the best months, and you will do well looking in sunny exposed places with low plants. Many national parks, wildlife refuges, or other wild places are usually rich in butterfly species.

How long do butterflies live in India?

There is an average life span of a butterfly – it is usually about one month. Although the smallest butterflies that you can usually spot feasting on the flowers in your front yard will usually only live about one week.

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Do butterflies live in India?

This family of large and beautiful butterflies is well represented with 89 species found within Indian borders. Two of the three papilionid subfamilies are represented in India, namely, the Parnassiinae or Apollos, with 19 species, and the Papilioninae or swallowtails, with 70 species.

How many butterflies are in India?

More than 17, 000 species of butterflies are found all over the world. Of these, India is home to about 1500 species of butterflies which constitute 65% of total Indian fauna.

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