Quick Answer: Can I travel from Mumbai to Pune without E pass?

If you are travelling to level 2 districts like Navi Mumbai, Pune, Thane, and Vasai Virar, you can enter freely without an e-pass. Buses can function regularly in level 2 districts with 100% capacity, but no standing passengers are allowed.

Is Epass required from Mumbai to Pune?

Is e-pass required for travel between Pune and Mumbai via expressway? A: Pune police commissioner Amitabh Gupta says e-pass is not required for travelling from Pune to Mumbai via expressway. An e-pass is not required if a person is travelling between Level 1 and Level 4 districts in the state, an officer says.

Can I go to Pune without pass?

While the rules vary basis the levels, here are some highlights: Travel is now virtually unrestricted across the state. You will need an e-pass only if you are travelling to a Level 4 or Level 5 district. (You can apply for an e-pass here.)

Is e-pass still required in Maharashtra?

As per the new lockdown order, now e-pass will not be required for inter-district travel in Maharashtra by private vehicle, bus or train. However, it will be required if you are travelling to level 5 districts (where Coronavirus disease (COVID19) positivity rate is over 20% and occupancy of oxygen beds is over 75%).

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Can I travel from Pune to Satara without E pass?

Shisve said no epass is required for movement within Pune city from 7am to 5pm, adding that non-essential travel is not allowed from 5pm to 7am. “We will follow all guidelines issued by the state government and policies formulated by the PMC,” he said. … “People can travel for emergency purposes.

How can I get e Pass in Delhi lockdown?

The steps to apply for the E-Pass are as follows :

  1. Go to E-Pass portal given in the link below.
  2. Enter the necessary information.
  3. Enter name , contact number , district.
  4. Upload a government ID proof.
  5. Submit the letter from the employer or establishment.
  6. Click on the submit button.

What level is Pune?

Pune city is currently at level 2.

Do I need Epass to travel from Pune to Kolhapur?

No sir, you will need e-pass for both locations.

Is Inter District travel allowed in Maharashtra June 2021?

The Maharashtra e-Pass had been reintroduced for those who need to travel inter-district or inter-state for emergency reasons. … Now, however, the Maharashtra Police website for COVID-19 e-Pass clearly states: “As per the State Government decision, Travel e-pass is no longer required for traveling.”

Is E-Pass required for domestic flights in India?

E-pass is mandatory for all international passengers and domestic travellers, except those from neighbouring states of Puducherry, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

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