Quick Answer: Which is the nearest Neighbour of India across the sea?

Answer: Sri Lanka and Maldives.

Which is the nearest Neighbour across the seas?

Answer: Countries having a common border with India are Afghanistan, Pakistan to the north-west, China and Nepal to the north, Myanmar, Bangladesh to the east. The nearest neighbor in the south across the seas is Sri Lanka which is separated from India by the narrow Palk Strait.

Who is the closest Neighbour of India in the south?

One of the southern neighbours of India is Sri Lanka.

Which is the nearest country by sea to the southernmost point of India?

While Kanyakumari is the geographical southern most tip of the country, Rameswaram is the spiritual tip and marks the point where India and Sri Lanka are closest, separated…

Which is the nearest country to India in south?

Physical Background of India

India shares its border with seven countries– Afghanistan and Pakistan to the North-West, China, Bhutan and Nepal to the North, Myanmar to the far East and Bangladesh to the East. Sri Lanka (from the South-East) and Maldives (from the South-West) are two countries with water borders.

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How many countries are there in India by 2020?

The total length of the coastline of India is 7,516.6 km. India shares its border with seven countries namely Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Maldives and Sri Lanka.

Neighbouring countries of India: Overview.

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Which are the island Neighbours across the high seas?

Across the sea to the south, lie our island neighbours— Sri Lanka and Maldives. Sri Lanka is separated from India by the Palk Strait.

Which country is near by India?

India shares borders with several sovereign countries; it shares land borders with China, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Is Afghanistan a Neighbour of India?

The neighbouring countries of India are:- 1. Pakistan and Afghanistan. 2. China, Nepal and Bhutan.

Which is India’s southernmost point?

Cape Comorin, rocky headland on the Indian Ocean in Tamil Nadu state, southeastern India, forming the southernmost point of the subcontinent. It is the southern tip of the Cardamom Hills, an extension of the Western Ghats range along the west coast of India.

What is the most southern country?

List of countries by southernmost point

Rank Country Southernmost point
Antarctica South Pole
Antarctic Circle
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands Southern Thule
1 Chile Águila Islet, Diego Ramírez Islands Cape Froward (mainland)
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