Quick Answer: Who is the new finance minister of India?

Minister of Finance Vitt Mantrī
Incumbent Nirmala Sitharaman since 31 May 2019
Ministry of Finance
Style The Honourable
Abbreviation FM

Who is the First Lady Finance Minister of India?

On 31 May 2019, Nirmala Sitharaman was appointed as the finance and corporate affairs minister. She is India’s first full-time female finance minister.

Who Started government finance?

Shanmukham Chetty was the first Finance Minister of independent India. He presented the first budget of independent India on 26 November 1947.

Who is India’s youngest CM?

Amarinder Singh (b. 11 March 1942) of Punjab is the oldest chief minister while Arunachal Pradesh’s Pema Khandu (b. 21 August 1979) is the youngest.

Who is current education minister?

The current education minister is Dharmendra Pradhan, a member of the Council of Ministers.

Ministry of Education (India)

Ministry overview
Jurisdiction Republic of India
Headquarters Shastri Bhawan, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Road, New Delhi
Annual budget ₹93,224 crore (US$13 billion) (2021–22)
Minister responsible Dharmedra Pradhan, Cabinet Minister

Who is the father of public finance?

JEAN-BAPTISTE SAY, THE FATHER OF AUSTRIAN PUBLIC FINANCE ———. 1976b. ” Praxeology: The Methodology of Austrian Economics. ” In The Foundations of Modern Austrian Economics.

Who is our water minister?

List of all Officers of the Department

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Name Designation
Shri Prahlad Singh Patel Minister of State for Jal Shakti
Shri Bishweswar Tudu Minister of State for Jal Shakti
Shri Pankaj Kumar Secretary
Shri Rajiv Ranjan Mishra Director General (NMCG)

Who is the current Minister of Food Processing?

Ministry of Food Processing Industries

Agency overview
Headquarters New Delhi
Annual budget ₹1,400 crore (US$200 million) (2018-19 est.)
Agency executives Pashupati Kumar Paras, Minister of Food Processing Industries Prahlad Singh Patel, Minister of State for Food Processing Industries
Website https://mofpi.nic.in/

Who is our sports minister?

Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports

Agency overview
Jurisdiction Republic of India
Headquarters Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi
Annual budget ₹2,826.92 crore (US$400 million) (2020–21)
Minister responsible Anurag Thakur, Minister of Union Cabinet
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