Should Indian students study English?

Do Indians have to learn English?

After independence, the education system carried on, and English remained the medium of instruction and official communication in India, just as the British had conditioned in through many decades. This continues to today. Most schools and colleges in urban areas use English.

Is English easy to learn for Indians?

Yes I agree with the questioner that common people in India find it difficult to learn English as a language. Other than the students who come from English medium background the students from State Board schools learn English as a second language, even in some States they are taught three languages at a time.

Why should English be taught in India?

The language has contributed significantly in bringing people and their culture closer. The benefits of learning English can be seen in the economic, social and political life of the people of the country. India has undertaken the gigantic task of rapidly developing its economy, and becoming a powerful country.

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Why learning English is difficult in our Indian context?

Teaching of English in India has always been in difficult circumstances . This is so because of the large population of the country, bleak economic conditions, the cultural diversities, etc.

Do Indians speak English fluently?

Originally Answered: Do the people of India speak English fluently? Yes, most people who are well educated or received education in English medium schools, speak fluently in English. So much so that the Government wants to make Hindi the national language but most south Indian states prefer English over Hindi.

Why do Indians touch feet?

Touching the feet of elders is an age-old Indian tradition that is considered to be a mark of respect. This gesture can be seen in almost all Hindu families, both in India and abroad. The elder person then, in turn, blesses the person touching their feet. …

Which is toughest language in India?

Google admits Malayalam(official language of Kerala State) to be the toughest language in India. It is both difficult to learn and speak as compared to any other language in India.

Which language is hardest to learn?

1. Mandarin Chinese. Interestingly, the hardest language to learn is also the most widely spoken native language in the world.

What are the disadvantages of speaking English?

English is Difficult to Learn

Many English words have the same or almost the same meaning, making it difficult at times to know which word to use. Words in a sentence can receive different stresses to change the meaning of the sentence, which is not something that occurs commonly in other languages.

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Which English is used in India?

In theory, English speakers in India follow British English as specified in the Oxford or Longman English dictionaries. In practice, Indians use many words and phrases that don’t exist in British or American English.

Which English is studied in India?

Indian English (IE) is a class of varieties of the English language spoken in India, and among the Indian diaspora elsewhere in the world.

Which is best language in India?

Top 10 Most Popular Indian Languages

  • Hindi. Hindi is officially the most popular language spoken across India. …
  • Bengali. The second most widely spoken language after Hindi is none other than Bengali which is said to be spoken by approximately 8% of the entire population. …
  • Telugu.

What is India’s first language?

The Sanskrit language has been spoken since 5,000 years before Christ. Sanskrit is still the official language of India.

What is the role of English as second language in India?

The English language is a powerful force not just for economics, business, and trade, but for mutual respect and progress. … It is also becoming the common future of human commerce and communication. English is the best tool to provide good opportunity for the learner to learn.

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