What is net sown area which India has more net sown area?

Which state of India has the highest net sown area in India?

Sikkim has the highest % of net sown area (79) under organic certification while Madhya Pradesh has the largest area (2, 32,887 ha) under organic production system ( Table 2).

What is total net sown area of India?

India India

S.No. Nature of land Area in million ha
(B) Current fallows 15.75
5. Net area sown 140.02
6. Total cropped area 192.20
7. Area Sown more than once 52.18

What is the percentage of net sown area in India Class 10?

Net Forest area of India is 69.78 million hectares or 22.86%.

What is net sown area for class 10th?

Net Area Sown: This represents the total area sown with crops and orchards. Area sown more than once in the same year is counted only once.

Which state is least irrigated in India?

Mizoram is the only state in India which is least irrigated.

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Which is most irrigated state in India?

Punjab leads the country’s States and UT s in terms of land under irrigation, with 98.8 per cent of its crop land under irrigation.

Which country has highest net sown area?

The net sown area in India today is about 143 million hectares. India has the highest percentage of land under cultivation in the world.

Why is net sown area declining?

and agriculture has resulted in reduction in the net sown area. The productivity of land has started showing a declining trend. Fertilisers, pesticides and insecticides, which once showed dramatic results, are now being held responsible for degrading the soils.

Which crop is sown in the largest area in India?

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Rice is Sown on the Largest Area in India. India is the second largest producer of Rice in the World. Rice is the most cultivated crop in India.

What is India the largest producer of?

India is the world’s largest producer of milk, pulses and jute, and ranks as the second largest producer of rice, wheat, sugarcane, groundnut, vegetables, fruit and cotton. It is also one of the leading producers of spices, fish, poultry, livestock and plantation crops.

What is net sown area?

Net Area Sown: This represents the total area sown with crops and orchards. … This total area is also known as total cropped area or total area sown. Area Sown more than once: This represents the areas on which crops are ultivated more than once during the agricultural year.

What is a wasteland Class 10?

Wasteland is the land has not been used for agriculture purposes due to reasons like the land has been barren due to use of fertilizers. The land can’t be used for cultivation any more and has lost its fertility.

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What is net sown area with example?

Net sown area is the total area sown with crops and orchards. It represents an area in which total crops are grown only once in a year.

What is Resource Planning Class 10?

Resource planning is the skills or methods implemented for proper and judicious utilization of resources. … This is important because this helps us with the further process of allocating the resources in places where necessary. This ensures an equal distribution of resources among all the regions.

What is current fallow land?

The cultural practice adopted to give rest to the land is known as fallowing. The land recoups the lost fertility through natural processes. Under current fallow land, the land is left without cultivation for less than one or one agricultural year.

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