What is the fee structure of NPS Bangalore?

Type Amount Frequency
Registration Fees ₹ 400 Onetime
Admission Fees ₹ 15,000 Onetime
Tuition Fees ₹ 1,44,110 Annually
Other Fees ₹ 14,270 Annually

How can I get admission in NPS Bangalore?

REGISTRATION FOR ADMISSIONS – Parents seeking admission to National Public School, HSR are requested to fill in the online registration form. REGISTRATION PROCESS- Filling of form, uploading of documents, fee payment and submission.

What is the average school fees in Bangalore?

Delhi Public School Fees

Annual FEE structure 2019-2020
Nursery to class X
NURSERY 44975 38875
LKG 44425 38325
UKG 43350 37250

Which is the best DPS in Bangalore?

Following is a list of Best Schools in Bangalore, to help you choose the best school.

  1. Indus International School Bangalore. …
  2. The Valley School Bangalore. …
  3. Inventure Academy. …
  4. Mallya Aditi International School Bangalore. …
  5. Jain International Residential School. …
  6. The International School Bangalore. …
  7. Greenwood High International.

Which is the best NPS in Bangalore?

15 Best CBSE Schools In Bangalore:

  1. NPS Koramangala: Rightly placed at the top of the list, NPS- KRM, is hands down one of the best schools in the city. …
  2. HAL Public School: …
  3. National Academy Of Learning: …
  4. Sri Kumaran Children’s Home: …
  5. Treamis: …
  6. Jyothy Kendriya Vidyalaya: …
  7. K L E Society School: …
  8. Kendriya Vidyalaya:
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Is NPS a good school?

One of the best school in Bangalore. … NPS Koramangala is a good school for those who give more importance to academics. Though they have full set of extra activities after school, the school is more inclined toward education/academics.

How much is the fees in Delhi Public school?


YEAR 2019-2020
ADMISSION CHARGES (At the time of Admission Only) 25200
NUR – V (@ 9100/- P.M. FOR 12 MONTHS) 109200
VI – XII (@ 9100/- P.M. FOR 12 MONTHS) 109200

How can I get seat in NPS rajajinagar?

The first priority is for siblings. Applications from siblings are usually more than twice the number of seats available. The second priority is for children of our teachers and other staff members. Priority for admission is also listed for alumni of our school.

Is NPS better than DPS?

NPS: a very study oriented school. ur pretty sure that your child would be placed well in his future. DPS: i am not aware of its teaching style. but an overall development is sure.

Is NPS a private school?

The National Public School, Indiranagar (NPS) is a private school located in Indiranagar, Bangalore, India.

Which is the No 1 school in Karnataka?

Best schools in Karnataka 2021

National School Board Rating
Delhi Public School, Bangalore North CBSE AAAA+
Delhi Public School, Bangalore South CBSE AAAA+
National Academy for Learning, Bangalore CBSE AAAA+
National Public School, Rajajinagar CBSE AAAA+

Which age is best for LKG?

In the CBSE schools the general rule followed for admission in LKG is that the child should have attained the age of 3-1/2 years as on 1st June of the respective year. This rule is not very strict in the sense that the school administration can relax it to anything between 3 to 4 years.

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Is LKG UKG mandatory?

Yes. Many schools will take the students into UKG if the age criteria are satisfied. You child has completed nursery by March 2020. She is supposed to attend the classes for LKG.

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