What is the length of the Indian cost line?

India measures 3,214 km (1,997 mi) from north to south and 2,933 km (1,822 mi) from east to west. It has a land frontier of 15,200 km (9,445 mi) and a coastline of 7,516.6 km (4,671 mi).

What is the length of the Indian coastline 1mark?

Goa 3.28 million Square Km. 15. India and Sri Lanka Short/Long Answer Type Questions (3/5 Marks) 1. (i) Russia Canada USA (iv) China (v) Brazil (vi) Australia Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Tripura and Mizoram Total length of India’s coast line is 7516.6 km.

What is the total length of the India?

The total length of the coastline of the mainland, Lakshadweep Islands and Andaman & Nicobar Islands is 7,516.6 km.


Particulars Description
Population India’s population, as on 1 March 2011 stood at 1,210,193,422 (623.7 million males and 586.4 million females).

Why India is called Peninsula?

A Peninsula is any landmass which is surrounded by water on three sides and land on one side. India is called as Peninsula because it is surrounded by the Indian Ocean on the south, the Arabian Sea on the west and the Bay of Bengal on the east.

What is the length of boundary?

The length of the boundary of a figure is called its Perimeter.

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Which country has longest boundary with India?

Land borders of India

Land Border Country Length (m) and (mi) Comments
Bhutan 578 kilometres (359 mi) Open border
China 3,488 kilometres (2,167 mi) Also see McMahon Line.
Myanmar 1,458 kilometres (906 mi) Also see India-Myanmar barrier
Nepal 1,752 kilometres (1,089 mi) Open border.

What is the length of Indian coastline class 9 geography?

The coastline of the mainland of India is 6100 kilometres in length while the coastline of the Indian unions accounts for 7517 kilometres. Thus, the correct answer is option (D). Note: Land frontiers of India are formed by Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Myanmar.

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