What is the percentage of online shopping in India?

Online penetration of retail is expected to reach 10.7% by 2024 compared with 4.7% in 2019. Moreover, online shoppers in India are expected to reach 220 million by 2025.

What is the percentage of online shopping?

An estimated 2.14 billion people worldwide purchase goods online. 63 percent of shopping occasions begin online. Nearly half of the consumers shop more on mobile than in-store.

How many online shoppers are there in India?

Number of online shoppers in India 2017-2025 by city type

The number of online shoppers was estimated to go up from 75 million in 2017 to over 220 million in 2025.

What is the market share of ecommerce in India?

In India is the eighth largest market for eCommerce with a revenue of US$46 billion in 2020, placing it ahead of Canada and behind France. With an increase of 39%, the Indian eCommerce market contributed to the worldwide growth rate of 26% in 2020.

# Store
5. reliancedigital.in US$380m

Is online shopping safe?

There are daily stories of online fraudsters and hackers, but the truth is that cybercriminals are less likely to get a hold of your credit card details over the Internet than they are over the phone, through the mail or in a restaurant. Even so, safe online shopping requires an extra measure of vigilance.

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What age group uses online shopping the most?

Overall, the share of e-shoppers among internet users is growing, with the highest proportions found in the age group 25-54 (79 %), closely followed by the youngest age group 16-24 (78 %).

Is Amazon big in India?

Amazon now says that the program has grown to more than 50,000 sellers spread across 450 Indian cities. The company also provided some interesting insights into the program. For instance, grocery items are the most popular on Local Shops, and the program has gained impressive traction in smaller Indian cities.

Which Indian cities shop online most?

According to the report, Delhi-NCR topped the charts as the most online shopping savvy city in India, closely followed by Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad.

Who is bigger Flipkart or Amazon?

According to Forrester Research, by October 2020, Flipkart had 31.9% market share — making it the largest online retailer in India. Meanwhile, Amazon India is slightly behind in second, with a 31.2% market share. … Flipkart is currently valued at $35 billion and is reportedly eyeing a U.S. IPO later this year.

Is Flipkart or Amazon better?

Flipkart is trusted the most and Amazon provides a better experience, says Survey. The Flipkart has trusted Indian brands, but Amazon’s user experience is more enjoyable. Thus, both Flipkart and Amazon are trusted brands in India.

Who is the father of e-commerce?

Michael Aldrich (22 August 1941 – 19 May 2014) was an English inventor, innovator and entrepreneur. In 1979 he invented online shopping to enable online transaction processing between consumers and businesses, or between one business and another, a technique known later as e-commerce.

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Which states shop online the most?

But which states in the U.S. are the most interested in buying consumer products online? Using Google trends data, a study found that Nevada is the state most interested in shopping online.

How much does Amazon sell per day?

Amazon Sales Statistics: How Much Amazon Makes in a Day

In 2019, Amazon made $141.25 billion in retail product sales. This comes out to an average of $385 million each day.

What are the most profitable products to sell online?

30 Low Cost Products With High Profit Margins

  1. Jewelry. As far as unisex products go, jewelry is at the top. …
  2. TV Accessories. …
  3. Beauty Products. …
  4. DVDs. …
  5. Kids Toys. …
  6. Video Games. …
  7. Women’s Boutique Apparel. …
  8. Designer & Fashion Sunglasses.
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