What is the rank of India in global passport Index 2019?

As per this new ranking, Indian passport holders can enjoy visa-free travel to 58 countries including Nepal, Bhutan, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Seychelles, Mauritius, etc. As of now, after its fall in rank from 82 in 2019, the Indian passport ties in with Tajikistan and Mauritania.

What is the rank of Indian passport in the latest ranking of the global passport index?

The ranking is based on exclusive data from the International Air Transport Association and lists the countries that can be accessed visa-free, with an electronic visa [e-TA] or with a Visa-on-Arrival. As per the Henley Passport Index available on the website for Q1 2021, India is ranked at 85.

What is the rank of India in most powerful passport Index 2019?

In 2019, India ranks 70th on the Global Passport Index, and 80th on the Henley & Partners Passport Index.

Is Indian passport powerful?


Last year, India held 84th position. Indian passport got a score of 58, which means Indian passport holders get to visit 58 countries without prior visa. … As for the UK and US passports, they constituted the top 10 powerful passports with 7th rank.

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Which passport is the strongest 2020?

Japan is top of the leaderboard, offering visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 191 destinations around the world. Singapore is in second place (with a score of 190) and South Korea ties with Germany in third place (with a score of 189).

What are the top 10 passports?

The best passports in 2021:

  1. Japan (193 destinations)
  2. Singapore (192 destinations)
  3. Germany, South Korea (191 destinations)
  4. Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain (190 destinations)
  5. Austria, Denmark (189 destinations)
  6. France, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden (188 destinations)

Which country has strongest passport?

Here Are The Top Countries With Strongest Passport

  • Japan (191 destinations) Japan tops the list of being the most powerful passport in the world in 2021. …
  • Singapore (190) Singapore is in second place with a score of 190. …
  • South Korea (189) …
  • Italy (188) …
  • Denmark (187)

Which country passport is least powerful?

Singapore remains in second place, trailing Japan with a visa-free score of 192, while Germany and South Korea remain tied in third place as passport holders of each nation can enter 191 locations.

Which is the number 1 passport in the world?

The World’s Strongest Passports for Travel Freedom

In 2021, the most powerful passport in the world in terms of travel freedom is the Japanese passport, according to the HPI. A passport issued by Japan allows the holder to enter 193 different countries and territories without having to get a visa in advance.

Which countries have no passport?

Countries To Travel Without Visa From India

  • Nepal: Nepal is a country where you don’t need your passport to cross the borders. …
  • Bhutan: This beautiful country is known as the Land of Happiness. …
  • Hong Kong: Without a visa you can travel to Hong Kong too. …
  • Maldives: …
  • Mauritius: …
  • Jordan: …
  • Cambodia: …
  • Bolivia:
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Why is the Indian passport so weak?

There are many reasons why some passports are strong and some are weak. Economic and political stability, bilateral agreements, reciprocity, and many other factors affect the strength of a passport. … Countries with population issues also seem to have weaker passports.

In which country visa is not required for Indian citizens?

List of Countries where Visa is not Required for Indian Citizens

Bhutan Nepal
Indonesia Seychelles (permit on arrival)
Jamaica Senegal
Serbia Trinidad and Tobago
Haiti (for up to 90 days) Micronesia

How do they rank passports?

Passports are ranked based on their Mobility Score. The higher the Mobility Score, the better the Passport Power Rank. Countries are ranked by the number of passports they accept visa-free or with visa on arrival.

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