What is wrong with Indian schools Quora?

Why are Indian schools so bad?

Instead of teaching students ‘How to think,’ and ‘How to solve problems,’ they teach them ‘What to think,’ and what the solutions are. … Much of the damage done by Indian schools is also because of the substandard teaching, or in many cases, a shortage of teachers.

What’s wrong with Indian schools?

Most of the information we learn during our school become redundant ,useless and not up to date with the industry in a span of few month or years.So in order to avoid a whole generation of students being illiterate , tell and teach in a way students learn themselves so they are interested to learn themselves not just …

Why are Indian schools so bad Quora?

Nowadays , in India some schools are not following the real meaning of education. Means they are lacking the value of education and students who score good Mark’s only they are supported by teachers. Teachers support only those who is class topper and some other good boys and neglect the last benchers or bad boys.

Why Indian schools are boring?

The teaching of subjects like microeconomics is not connected with the social context of students, and it becomes text-bookish and theoretical, and hence students are not motivated to attend or take the lectures seriously. …

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What is wrong with Indian parents?

The biggest problem with Indian parents is that they are not able to adapt their mind with the dynamically changing world. I m not saying all parents are like that, but many parents still don’t want to change their mind.

Is Indian education system harder than American?

Education system is more strict and more of homework as well. Compared to India, the syllabus and workload is relatively simplified and systematically organized in the US. In kindergarten and first few grades in USA, they prepare the children for future learning by teaching how to learn.

Is Indian education bad?

The Government of India is well aware of the problems in the Indian education system, but has been slow in responding to them. School infrastructure is in a poor state and many school teachers are not properly qualified, with 31% of them not having a degree. … Consequently, the state of learning is very poor.

Why is Indian education so hard?

When we say Indian education is tough we are either referring to hyper competitive nature of it (due to scarcity of good colleges per capita) or to the administrative rigidity (compulsory attendance, obsolete syllabus, focus on testing & memorization, forced compliance to authority, lack of electives, suppression of …

Why do Indian universities rank low?

The recent QS World University Rankings showed that Indian institutes have seen an average decline of 12 ranks. One of the factors responsible was poor international student ratios. Among the IITs, not a single one made it to the top 150. “The major issue is selectivity.

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Is Indian education system stressful?

Indian Education System:

Students from the science stream face more stress because of very high competition in the entrance exams for different universities and colleges.

Is Indian education system good?

India ranks 92 in education among 145 countries. … Individual excellence, multi tasking abilities and being over committed (always not by passion but by compulsion too) Indian workforce did leave great impacts in developments of many nations in the world outside India.

Is ICSE a rote learning?

“I was happy with the CBSE teaching methodologies but felt that the ICSE curriculum is more thorough as it includes detailed study of subjects. … “It does not encourage selective study or rote learning. The fact that we are given more choice of subjects is an advantage.

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