When was Annie Besant arrived in India?

Dr Besant arrived in India in 1893 to spread the message of the Theosophical Society, a religious movement based on the principles of karma and reincarnation. A champion of social and political reform, she soon became involved in India’s freedom struggle.

In which year did Annie Besant meet HP Blavatsky?

In 1887, Besant met Spiritualist Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831–1891), who in 1885 had founded the Theosophical Society.

Where did Annie Besant born?

Who was first woman president of INC?

Sonia Gandhi is the longest serving president of the party, having held the office for over twenty years from 1998 to 2017 and since 2019.

List of presidents of the Indian National Congress.

President of the Indian National Congress
Incumbent Sonia Gandhi since 10 August 2019
Indian National Congress
Type Political Party Office
Residence 24, Akbar Road, New Delhi-110001

Who started home rule in India?

Why did Annie Besant leave Congress?

In 1919, Gandhi launched Satyagraha against British rule which later took a violent turn. Besant declared her opposition to Gandhi’s movement as he took effective control of the Congress party. Besant left Congress and joined the Liberal Party.

Does the Theosophical Society still exist?

The original organisation led by Olcott and Besant remains today based in India and is known as the Theosophical Society – Adyar. … The English headquarters of the Theosophical Society are at 50 Gloucester Place, London.

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Why did Annie Besant came to India?

She became interested in Theosophy, a religious movement founded in 1875 and based on Hindu ideas of karma and reincarnation. As a member and later leader of the Theosophical Society, Besant helped to spread Theosophical beliefs around the world, notably in India.

Who is called shwetha Saraswati?

Annie besant” knew as a “political reformer” and activist for women’s rights as “Shwetha Saraswati” was. She launched numerous educational foundations. For Youngsters, she has written more than 200 books to increase the quality of education standard in India.

How did Annie Besant change the world?

Annie Besant (1847-1933) was a British supporter of Indian nationalism. During World War I she propagated self-government for India and set up the All-India Home Rule League. Her political work influenced both the course of Indian nationalism and Great Britain’s policies towards India.

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