Where is India’s water source?

Over 70% of India’s rivers drain into the Bay of Bengal, mostly as part of the Ganges-Brahmaputra system. The Arabian Sea receives 20% of the total drainage from the Indus and other rivers. The remaining 10% drains into interior basins and natural lakes.

Where does India get its water from?

The major rivers of India are: Flowing into the Bay of Bengal: Brahmaputra, Ganges, Mahanadi, Godavari, Krishna, Kaveri, etc. Flowing into the Arabian Sea: Indus, Narmada, Tapti, etc.

What is India’s main source of water?

There are four major sources of surface water. These are rivers, lakes, ponds, and tanks. In the country, there are about 10,360 rivers and their tributaries longer than 1.6 km each. The mean annual flow in all the river basins in India is estimated to be 1,869 cubic km.

Which is the biggest source of water in India?

2. Surface Flow:

Name of River Origin Destination
1. Ganga Gangotri Glacier, Uttar Kashi Bay of Bengal
2. Indus Mansarovar Lake, Tibet Arabian Sea
3. Godavari Nasik, Maharashtra Bay of Bengal
4. Krishna Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra Bay of Bengal

What are some water sources in India?

Water Resources of India

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Sl. No. River Basin Avg. Water Resources Potential (BCM)
1 Indus (up to border) 73.31
2 a) Ganga 525.02
b) Brahmaputra 537.24
c) Barak & Others 48.36

Why is India’s water so polluted?

Around 80% of India’s water is severely polluted because people dump raw sewage, silt and garbage into the country’s rivers and lakes. This has led to water being undrinkable and the population having to rely on illegal and expensive sources.

Who controls water India?

At the central level three Ministries have responsibilities in the sector: The Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation (until 2011 the Department of Drinking Water Supply in the Ministry of Rural Development) is responsible for rural water supply and sanitation; the Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation …

Which state in India has more water?

Odisha had the largest combined area of water resources in India, with around 998 thousand hectares of water resources as of 2018.

Which is the main source of water?

Complete answer: The main source of water is the rainwater. The water cycle is a process that involves evaporation, condensation and precipitation and the output is rainwater. The water source is important in the water cycle.

What is largest source of water?

Oceans, which are the largest source of surface water, comprise approximately 97 percent of the Earth’s surface water.

Is India a water rich country?

India has about 4% of world’s freshwater resources ranking it among the top ten water rich countries. Overall, every year, precipitation in the form of rain and snowfall provide over 4000 cu km of freshwater to India, of which 2047 cu km return to oceans or is precipitated. …

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