Which monument can be seen on the 200 Indian rupees?

In the year 1989, Sanchi Stupa was declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. For all these reasons, we see Sanchi Stupa as the motif on Indian currency. It is printed on the reverse side of Rs. 200 banknote.

Which mountain can be seen on the 200 Indian currency note?

The front side of this note has image of Mahatma Gandhi, Ashoka Emblem while the back side of this note has image of “Mount Kanchenjunga”, the highest mountain in India.

Which monument is on 200 note?

Indian 200-rupee note

Design Mahatma Gandhi New Series
Design date 2017
Design Sanchi Stupa

Which picture is on reverse side of 2000 rs note?

Indian 2000-rupee note

Designer Reserve Bank of India
Design date 2016
Design Mangalyaan

Which monument is behind the 50 rupees note?

The ₹50 banknote denomination was first introduced by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in 1975 as a part of the Lion Capital Series, which had the Ashoka pillar on the banknote.

Indian 50-rupee note.

Design Mahatma Gandhi
Designer Reserve Bank of India
Design date 2017
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What is the picture in 20 rupees note?

The ₹20 banknote of the Mahatma Gandhi Series is 129 × 63 mm green-yellow coloured, with the obverse side featuring a portrait of Mahatma Gandhi with a signature of the governor of Reserve Bank of India.

What is printed on 10 rs note?

Portrait of Mahatma Gandhi at the centre. Micro letters “RBI”, “भारत”, “INDIA” and “10” Windowed demetalised security thread with inscriptions “भारत” and “RBI” Ashoka Pillar emblem on the right.

In which country Indian rupee has highest value?

Travel Destinations Where Indian Currency is of High Value

  • Indonesia : 1 INR = 210.49 Indonesian Rupiah. …
  • Paraguay: 1 INR = 86.34 Paraguayan Guarani. …
  • Chile : 1 INR = 9.10 Chilean Peso. …
  • Costa Rica : 1 INR = 8.79 Costa Rican Colon. …
  • Hungary : 1 INR = 3.92 Hungarian Forint.

Which animal symbol is RBI?

The Reserve Bank of India, which was established on April 1, 1935 during the British Rule, modelled its official emblem after the double mohur of The East India Company. The logo originally featured a sketch of the Lion and Palm Tree but it was later decided to replace the lion with a tiger to represent India better.

How many animals are there in 10 rupees note?

There are pictures of three animals on a 10 rupee note, an elephant, a tiger and a rhinoceros. These animals represent India, The bengal tiger being the national animal, and are being preserved in Indian wildlife sanctuaries.

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