Which place in India receives the lowest average annual rainfall?

Jaisalmer is the place in India which receives the lowest rainfall as per the records. Jaisalmer is the driest place in India also referred to as golden city. Jaisalmer is located in the state of Rajasthan.

Which place has the lowest annual rainfall?

Ruyli located in Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan is known to receive the lowest amount of rainfall measuring only 8.3 cms annually.

What are the areas receive highest and lowest rainfall in India?

Climate and rainfall

Mawsynram receives over 10,000 millimeters of rain in an average year, and the vast majority of the rain it gets falls during the monsoon months. A comparison of rainfalls for Cherrapunji and Mawsynram for some years is given in Table 1. Mawsynram receives the highest rainfall in India.

Which receives less rainfall Leh or Jodhpur?

The place in India receiving the lowest rainfall is Leh. … But Ruyli located in Jaisalmer district of rajasthan is known to receive the lowest amount of rainfall measuring only 8.3 cms annually.

Which is highest rainfall in India?

Mahabaleshwar, a hill station in Maharashtra’s Satara district located in the Western Ghats, has recorded the highest rainfall ever in its history with 60cm in 24 hours. Recording 20cm or more in 24 hours is classified to be “extremely heavy” rain by India Meteorological Department (IMD).

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Where is highest rainfall in India?

This place records highest rain on Monday. Top 10 rainiest places in India

  • Places and rainfall on Monday.
  • Cooch Behar: 144 mm.
  • Salem: 98 mm.
  • Cuddalore: 73 mm.
  • Shanti Niketan: 71 mm.
  • Dehradun: 66 mm.
  • Tiruchirappalli: 65 mm.
  • Goa: 59 mm.

Which country has no rainfall?

But the driest non-polar spot on Earth is even more remarkable. There are places in Chile’s Atacama Desert where rain has never been recorded—and yet, there are hundreds of species of vascular plants growing there.

Which is the most hottest city in India?

Churu currently is the hottest place in the country with a maximum temperature of 42.1 degrees Celsius. Followed by Pilani, again in Rajasthan with a maximum temperature of 41.7 degrees Celsius. Sawai Madhopur is at third with mercury there reaching 41.6 degrees Celsius.

Where is highest rainfall in world?

Cherrapunji, India, now holds the world record for two-day (48-hour) rainfall, with 2 493 millimeters (98.15 inches) recorded on 15–16 June 1995.

Which is the coldest place in India?

Leh. No doubt, Leh is one of the coldest places to visit in India. Perched in the newly formed Union Territory of Ladakh, the temperature is known to drop to as less as -13 degrees Celsius!

Which area gets the smallest amount of rain?

The lowest recorded rainfall in the world occurred at Arica, a port city in northern Chile. An annual average, taken over a 43-year period, was only 0.5 mm (0.02 inch).

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