Who is the No 1 TikToker in India?

1. Riyaz Aly – 43.9 Million Followers. With 43.9 million followers Riyaz Aly is the most popular TikTok star of India. He is the fastest user of TikTok to reach 10 million and 25 million followers.

Who is No 1 in Tik Tok India?

Tik Tok no 1 Star in India 2020: Riyaz Aly is an acclaimed Indian on-screen actor, social media influencer, tik-to star, Instagram star, and fashion blogger. Riyaz Aly is a verified user of the application and has the highest followers on Tiktok in India 2020.

Who is the richest Tiktoker in India 2020?

Top TikTok stars in India

  • Jannat Zubair – ₹ 1.7 million ($ 23,000) …
  • Nisha Guragain – ₹ 1.76 million ($ 23,500) …
  • Awez Darbar – ₹ 1.76 million ($ 23,500) …
  • Sameeksha Sud – ₹ 1.57 million ($ 21,000) …
  • Avneet Kaur – ₹ 200,000 ($ 2,664) …
  • Gima Ashi – ₹ 400,000 ($ 5,328) …
  • Hasnain Khan – ₹ 500,000 ($6,660)

Who is king of TikTok in India?

Riyaz Aly Afreen (TikTok New King)

At the age of 16, He has 40 Million+ followers and 1.8 Billion+ hearts, Riyaz is the popular Tik Tok star in India.

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Who is the Queen of TikTok in India 2020?

Jannat Zubair is known as the tik tok Queen. She is a Singer, Actor, Fashion and Beauty Influencer Celebrity with a T-series music video launched on her YouTube channel with 132M views on Milind Gabband 73 Million Views on Frooty Lagdi.

Are Tiktokers paid?

A TikToker with half a million followers with good engagement in the comments and likes can get paid around $450 a month. The payment is based on sponsored ads calculated as per 1000 views on sponsored videos. TikTok earns the majority of the income from sponsorships monetization….

Who Is Highest Paid TikToker?

TikTok’s highest earner is Michael Le, who made $20,378,000 from 92 ads in 2020. Michael Le also made the most ads (92), 30 more than the next most-frequent advertiser, Joe Albanese (62). The TikToker with the most followers, Charli D’Amelio, earned $18,224,000 from 34 ads in 2020.

Who is the GF of Faisu?

Faisal Shaikh (Mr. Faisu) Age, Girlfriend, Family, Biography & More

Affairs/Girlfriends Jumana Khan, Rumoured (TikToker) • Jannat Zubair Rahmani (Actor)
Wife/Spouse N/A
Parents Names Not Known

Why is Charli D’Amelio so famous?

Who Is Charli D’Amelio? She reached her new milestone of 100 million followers after just over a year and a half on the platform. Her copy of the Renegade dance became so popular that videos now tagged with the dance name have been viewed 2.2 billion times around the world.

Who is best Tik Toker?

18 of the Most Famous TikTokers on the Planet

  • @lorengray. Real name: Loren Gray. …
  • @babyariel. Real name: Ariel Rebecca Martin. …
  • @zachking. Real name: Zachary Michael King. …
  • @riyaz. Real name: Riyaz Aly. …
  • @kristenhancher. Real name: Kristen Hancher. …
  • @gilmhercroes. Real name: Gilmher Croes. …
  • @nishaguragain. …
  • @jacobsartorius.
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Is TikTok banned in India?

TikTok has been banned in India since June 29th. In its statement, the country’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology stated that the apps were “engaged in activities which is prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, security of state and public order.”

Who is the best Tik Toker in India?

List of Top Indian TikTok Stars of 2020

  • Nisha Guragain — 21.7 Million follower.
  • Arishfa Khan – 20.7 Million Followers.
  • Jannat Zubair — 20.3 Million Followers.
  • Avneet Kaur – 18.1 Million Followers.
  • Sameeksha Sud – 16.2 Million Followers.
  • Aashika Bhatia — 13.2 Million Followers.
  • Nagma Mirajkar — 12 Million Followers.
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