You asked: What if India got independence in ww1?

How did ww1 affect Indian independence?

When the war broke out, a large number of Indian nationalists vocally came out in support of and campaigned for the war effort. Contributing to the war, they believed, would allow Indian to demand greater freedoms from Great Britain.

What would have happened if India got independence in 1857?

If India got independence in 1857, an obvious thing one would have observed is that the Indian subcontinent would be a single country. There would be no Pakistan, no Bangladesh.

What was India’s role in World war 1?

The Indian Army during World War I contributed a large number of divisions and independent brigades to the European, Mediterranean, Middle East and African theatres of war in World War I. Over one million Indian troops served overseas, of whom 62,000 died and another 67,000 were wounded.

How did India react to WWI?

When war was declared on August 4th, India rallied to the cause. Those with influence within India believed that the cause of Indian independence would best be served by helping out Britain in whatever capacity India could – including the Indian National Congress.

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Which side was India on in WWII?

Originally Answered: Which side did India take in WW2 and why? During World War II, india was under British empire. British crown was against the Nazi Germany. So, the rulers of India during World War II sided with the British crown.

Why did India help British in ww1?

As high as 100 million British Pounds (present day Rs 838 crore) was gifted by India to Britain to fund their war anticipating dominion status and home rule in return. When the World War I ended in 1919 and Britain won with the help of Indian soldiers, India was denied its promised reward.

What if India was never colonized?

If the British had not conquered India they would have fought harder in United States and taken back their colonies during the War of 1812. France would not have sold Louisiana as they would still be getting money from trade with India.

Who can be called the greatest hero of revolt of 1857?

3. Diwan Maniram Dutta was the leader of revolt from Assam. 4. The army of Emperor Bahadur Shah in Delhi was commanded by General Bakht Khan.

Who can be called the greatest hero of Revolt of 1857?

List I (Book) List II (Author)
B. Causes of Indian Revolt 2. SB Chaudhary
C. The Sepoy Mutiny and the Rebellion of 1857 3. Karl Marx

Who has the largest army in World War 1?

When World War I broke out in 1914, the Russian Empire had the world’s largest standing army, with approximately 1,400,000 soldiers on active duty. The Russian Army bore the brunt of the fighting on the Eastern Front and also saw action on the Balkan Front and the Western Front.

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Who was an important person to India in ww1?

In 1914-15, Kasturba Gandhi worked in Indian Army hospitals – on England’s southern coast – set up for some 16,000 Indian soldiers who had been wounded in France and Belgium.

Why did Germany join ww1?

Germany entered World War I because it was an official ally of Austria-Hungary, which had declared war on Serbia after a Serbian nationalist shot the heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary. Germany’s allies were Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, and Bulgaria.

When did India enter ww1?

As Britain and France waged war against Germany in Europe and in Africa, Britain called upon help from her Imperial troops. Indian soldiers in the Indian Army arrived in Europe from September 1914.

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