Your question: Was Indian summers Cancelled?

It was said to be the most expensive drama in Channel 4’s history and its biggest new hit for 20 years but Channel 4’s Julie Walters drama Indian Summers has been axed after two series.

Why did they cancel Indian Summers?

Producers have pulled the plug on Indian Summers after half of its viewers failed to tune back in for the second season. Competition from other channels during the prestigious 9pm Sunday night slot has caused problems for the return of Channel 4’s most expensive commission.

Is there a third season to Indian Summers?

Channel 4 has confirmed that the period drama, set during the British Raj, will not be returning for a third series. “We’re incredibly proud of Indian Summers and have loved having it in the schedule, the channel said in a statement. UK Channel 4 has cancelled the Indian Summers TV show after two seasons.

Is Indian Summers based on a true story?

Indian Summers is known for its stunning scenery and sets, but not only is its Royal Shimla Club entirely fictional, the entire series was filmed in Penang, Malaysia, not India.

Is there a season 2 of Indian Summers?

Find out where we left off with Aafrin and Alice, Ralph and Cynthia, and the rest Simla’s residents as we get ready to pick up the action in the summer of 1935, when the British government returns to the hills—and the drama—in Season 2.

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Does Netflix have Indian Summers?

Is Indian Summers on Netflix? Unfortunately this serie is not yet available on Netflix.

What happens to Charlie in Indian Summers?

Aafrin and Alice return to the private room. Alice confesses she killed Charlie, but Aafrin comforts her by insisting death took him. Aafrin and Alice then head to Sooni’s wedding together.

Who is Charlie in Indian Summer?

Charlie Havistock – played by Blake Ritson

Alice’s estranged husband seems harmless at first, but viewers will soon discover that he’s a control freak, determined to repair his bruised ego after Alice deserted him.

Is Nikesh Patel Indian?

Nikesh Patel is an English actor and model born and raised in Wembley, London, England. Not to forget, he comes from an Indian origin, and his parents are both pharmacists.

Will Indian Summers return?

Radio Times confirmed the Indian Summers cancellation with Channel 4. Here is more: Much like the British Empire itself, Indian Summers has retreated into history. Channel 4 has confirmed that the period drama, set during the British Raj, will not be returning for a third series.

What happens Indian summer?

Indian summer, period of dry, unseasonably warm weather in late October or November in the central and eastern United States. … In the United States, an Indian summer period occurs when a cool, shallow polar air mass stagnates and becomes a deep, warm high-pressure centre.

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