Your question: What can I buy for 100 rupees on Amazon?

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What can I buy on Amazon under 100?

Coolest Things on Amazon Under 100 Dollars

  • This Sleek Bluetooth Speaker. …
  • This Polaroid Camera. …
  • This Amazing Bag. …
  • This Funky Beer Glass. …
  • This Adventure Hammock. …
  • This Camera for Under $100. …
  • This Portable Speaker is Just The Coolest. …
  • This Kooky Backpack.

What can I get for 100 rupees?

20 Cheap and Simple Gifts Under 100 Rupees to Give as Just Because Gifts or When You’re Low on Funds (Updated for 2020)

  • Things to Consider While Buying Gifts on A Tight Budget.
  • 20 Gifts Under 100 Rupees That Will Leave a Great Impression.
  • Keychains.
  • Coffee Mugs.
  • Candles and Diyas.
  • Stationery.
  • Organizers.
  • Posters and Badges.

What can a 200 dollar teenager buy?

Our favorite tech gifts for teens under $200

  • Polaroid OneStep Summer Blue Special Edition Starter Set, $88.79.
  • Olloclip, $14.99-199.99.
  • Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 with instant film and accessories bundle, $99.95.
  • Mini Projector – 300Lux Hompow Smartphone Portable Video Projector 1080P, $69.98.
  • Nintendo Switch Lite, $199.
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What can you buy with a dollar?

20 Things You Can Still Buy for a Dollar

  • Holiday decor and party favors. bbernard / …
  • Greeting cards. / …
  • E-books for Amazon Kindle. antoniodiaz / …
  • Scratch-off lottery ticket. …
  • Makeup brushes. …
  • McDonald’s food. …
  • Taco Bell food. …
  • Four movies from Disney Movie Club.

Is $100 a lot of money in Pakistan?

$100 is just Rs. 15,000/- in Pakistani currency. It is not really a lot of money. A couple wouldn’t get a good meal for two in a five star restaurant with this amount.

What can 3000 rupees buy?

5 Cool Gadgets Under 3000 To Gift This Festive Season

  • VingaJoy FuelBar VB – SX3 10000Mah Power Bank – Rs. 2,499/- …
  • UBON SP-6680 Wireless Speaker – Rs. 2,199/- …
  • Xiaomi Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones – Rs.
  • boAt Airdopes 201- Rs. 2,499/- …
  • Lenovo Carme Smartwatch – Rs. 2,499/-

What can I buy with 5000 rupees?

Best gadgets you can gift under Rs 5,000 this Diwali

  • Mi Band 5 (Rs 2,499) Mi Band 5 is the latest smart band from Xiaomi at Rs 2,499 and it comes with a slew of new features such as a magnetic charging technique. …
  • Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen (Rs 3,249) …
  • OnePlus Earbuds (Rs 4,990) …
  • Mi Smart Speaker (Rs 3,499)

What does a teenager need?

These basic needs are: Belonging, Power, Enjoyment and Independence. This applies to teenagers as well. Because this is a time of tremendous social and emotional growth, these needs are even stronger. Belonging means feeling like a part of something, being accepted.

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What do teenagers do for fun?

Get Outside

  • Attend a baseball game.
  • Bike five miles.
  • Design a scavenger hunt for friends.
  • Go for a hike.
  • Learn how to play rounders and organize a game.
  • Organize a game of basketball or volleyball at your house.
  • Plan a picnic at a local park.
  • Sleep under the stars in your backyard.

Is $40 a lot of money?

$40 means A LOT to the average middle class family. $40 is money to buy food, hair cuts!, medication, diapers and for a treat a meal out on the town. It definelty means a lot to us. Forty dollars is my gasoline money to get back and forth to work.

What can you do with $1?

101 things to do with a $1 bill.

  • Save it (sorry, but this is Wisebread).
  • Become a very small partner in a very small business.
  • Mail it to someone, anyone, in the phone book (you’ll have to find a stamp).
  • Buy a few bites of someone’s pizza slice.
  • Make an expensive paper airplane.

What can you buy with 1 yen?

Small pieces of nuts, bolts, washers and gears, etc, maybe many of those in Akihabara. 1-yen Pachinko (pinball like machine for gambling). They are around any big stations. You can get one ball to throw in the machine for 1 yen, although I think you have to spend 1000 yen minimum to get 1000 balls.

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