Your question: Where can I sell my sneakers in India?

Where can I sell sneakers in India?

Hit them up, they will get you sorted for all your streetwear and sneaker needs.


Can we sell on StockX from India?

Can I sell sneakers on Stockx from India? Yes but shipping costs will be taken from your sale. You would think the 9%+ fees could cover shipping but nooooo.

Can you get rich reselling sneakers?

The process of shoe selling is all too common that there are people who made reselling shoes a profitable full-time job. However, there are only a handful of people who have built an empire as shoe resellers. … If you follow the process of flipping shoes, you can get around $80-100 per pair for starters.

No, reselling shows is perfectly legal. You can bump/lower the price as much as you want and you will be safe. Just make sure that the shoes you are selling are authentic; you don’t want to go through the extra trouble with the buyer.

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Can I sell my shoes in StockX?

Here’s how it works as a seller:

You have an item — let’s say a luxury bag or a pair of sneakers — that you want to sell. Search the item on StockX and select the size you have. From there you, can sell it immediately for the highest current bid or submit an asking price and wait for someone to pay it.

Why are Jordans so expensive?

The Fragment’s resale value more than doubles its competition. These shoes were both sold in limited releases, so why did Jordans become so much more expensive? It all has to do with the value of the Jordan brand and how it makes and markets its iconic sneakers.

Does StockX deliver in India?

StockX will not send any packages as a gift or a lower value than the price paid.

StockX Now Ships To Nearly 200 Countries and Regions.

AL Albania
IN India
ID Indonesia
IE Ireland, Republic of
IL Israel

Does StockX pay for shipping?

As a Seller, your shipping cost is deducted from your total payout. Once a transaction is complete, you will receive a shipping label in your “My Account” section of the site. You are responsible for packaging and dropping off with the shipping carrier on the label provided to you.

Does StockX charge customs in India?

Upon arrival in India, you will have to pay a (recently increased to 77%) customs tax. This now brings the total to roughly 40915 rupees. Now add on the shipping cost that is 3200 (minimum). The total sum of the sneaker is now a hefty 44115 rupees.

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How much does a sneaker bot cost?

How much does a Sneaker Bot Cost? The cost depends on the product itself – prices can vary anywhere between 10 USD and 500 USD. The cheaper ones are usually just browser extensions. The more advanced software programs are the ones going up to a few hundred dollars per bot.

What can I resell to make money?

Best Things to Resell for Profit

  • Shoes. Air Jordans. …
  • Vintage Electronics. Walkman cassette player. …
  • Video Games and Consoles. Playing a video game. …
  • Collectible Toys. Boy laying on a pile of legos. …
  • Ink and Toner Cartridges. Ink Cartridges. …
  • Books. Woman carrying stack of books. …
  • Brand Name Clothes. Designer clothes.

How much money can I make reselling?

Here’s what you can expect. “After some experience, it’s typical to earn anywhere between $500-$1,500 per month in profits if you are reselling part-time,” Phelps said.

Do I need a license to resell Nike shoes?

At a minimum, you need a retail store front and a valid business license from your city government. If you already sell sneakers, sports gear, or own a skater shop, for example, you shouldn’t have a problem setting up an account, provided you follow the company’s requirements.

Are bots illegal for shoes?

Are sneaker bots illegal? At least in the U.S., the answer is no. While using automated bots to buy goods online often violates the retailer’s terms and conditions, there are no laws against it at the current time for sneakers.

Is Flipping shoes illegal?

Contrary to a widely-held belief, driving in flip-flops is not specifically illegal as a primary offense in most places, including every U.S. state. … Penalties vary state to state in the U.S., and usually aren’t quite so severe, but are still costly.

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